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Horse Legs

Composted Horse Manure


For over thirty years Tall Oaks Farm has been producing composted horse manure to local homeowners, gardeners, landscapers and nurseries.  Composted horse manure is ideal for conditioning soils in flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, planting grass or sod, and mulching.  The compost is derived from a blend of clean, organic based materials, including stable bedding, horse urine and manure. Raw materials are stacked into huge, moist piles, which are turned regularly to promote aerobic composting.  The natural biological activity causes the piles to heat up to over 160ºF, killing weed seeds, roots, and pathogens.  Horse Manure Compost is a biologically active product that builds healthy soil and healthy plants.


  • It promotes the development of beneficial organisms like earthworms that continue to improve soil composition. 

  •  It adds essential nutrients and soil microorganisms, which makes for healthier plants. 

  • It may reduce incidence of plant diseases & other harmful organisms. 

  • It improves soil structure, porosity and density, creating a better plant root environment, thus plants thrives. 

  • It increases permeability of heavy soils so plants establish faster.

  •  It improves water holding capacity of sandy soils, reducing water loss & leaching. 

  •  It Improves and stabilizes soil pH and it acts as a slow release fertilizer. 


  • For potting and planting mix with top soil or potting soil.

  • To condition soils in beds and gardnes, seeding and sodding, apply 1-2 inches of compost and till to a depth of 6 inches.

  • As a lawn dressing, rake 1/4 to 1/2 inch into turg and water well.  Do not compeltely cover turf and smothering may occur.

  • As mulch, apply 2-6 inches around trees, shrubs and plants.

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